Bundestag Stipendiaten Workshop

Amal Abbass of tubman.network had the privilege of being invited twice to teach Stipendiaten des Deutschen Bundestags about Ehrenamtliches Engagement. Firstly, she addressed Stipendiaten from Arabische Staaten, and secondly, African Stipendiaten. This program holds significant educational prestige, attracting elite individuals, many of whom have been educated in expensive private institutions. During these sessions, Abbass posed

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Tang Award: Group F Afro People dressed up standing together for this picture.

Tang Award

tubman.network is deeply honored to have received the Tang Award of Excellence in recognition of our work carried out for the development of Afro-centric curriculum for Kwetu e.V. and Kindezi UG. This award holds special significance as it acknowledges our commitment to serving the needs of children of African and Afro-diasporic heritage. We share this

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