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Kindezi operates a multilingual daycare center in partnership with Kleiner Fratz, scheduled to open in April 2024 in Berlin. We are dedicated to providing inclusive, Safer and Braver Spaces for African and Afro-diasporic children and their families, guided by an Afro-centric vision. Founder Amal Abbass underscores the paramount importance of upholding art.1 GG and art.3 GG of the German constitution, translating these principles into daily practice. By seamlessly integrating these core values, Kindezi reaffirms its commitment to equality, non-discrimination, and the dignity of all individuals, actively contributing to the promotion of diversity, respect, and harmonious coexistence within German society.

Kindezi cultivates a nurturing and stimulating learning atmosphere, allowing children to develop a healthy intercultural identity and draw strength from it. Through tailored programs and activities, Kindezi not only advances the education and growth of children but also establishes a platform for exchange, collaboration, and mutual empowerment among families and allies.

Inspired by the legacy of the first daycare center for Black children in Berlin, founded by Zimbabwean writer Tsitsi Djangarembe in the 1990s, Kindezi continues this tradition, supporting the early development of Black children.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to encompass the Berliner Bildungsprogramm from an Afro-centric and global perspective. Our goal is to assist children in learning to value themselves and prepare for an ever-changing world, enabling them to reach their full potential for a healthy and fulfilling life.

Our Integrative Approach to Pedagogical Concepts

At Kindezi, we pride ourselves on our integrative approach to education, drawing inspiration from a rich tapestry of pedagogical concepts that collectively enrich the learning experience for our children. Each philosophy contributes unique strengths, fostering a holistic and well-rounded educational environment.

Afrocentric Perspectives

Embracing Afrocentric perspectives, inspired by traditional concepts like Kindezi and writers such as Audre Lorde and bell hooks, allows us to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of African and Afro-diasporic communities. By incorporating these perspectives, we instill a sense of pride and identity in our children, fostering cultural awareness, self-esteem, and a deep understanding of their roots.

Paolo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed

The infusion of Paolo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed into our educational framework elevates the learning process to a dialogue, creating an interactive and participatory atmosphere. This approach empowers children to actively engage in their education, promoting critical thinking, collaboration, and a shared sense of responsibility for the learning journey.

Reggio Pedagogy

Reggio pedagogy, with its emphasis on a child-centered process of individualized, research-based learning through creativity, serves as a cornerstone of our curriculum. This approach recognizes the uniqueness of each child, encouraging self-expression, curiosity, and problem-solving skills. Through creative exploration, children develop a love for learning and a sense of ownership over their educational path.

Maria Montessori’s Pedagogy

Incorporating aspects of Maria Montessori’s pedagogy, we provide a structured and hands-on learning environment that fosters independence, concentration, and a love for learning. Montessori principles support the development of a child’s natural abilities, laying the foundation for a lifelong love of knowledge and self-directed exploration.

Nature Aspects of Waldorf & Forest Pedagogy

Our commitment to these nature aspects integrate the outdoors into our daily activities. Nature-based learning enhances sensory experiences, promotes environmental awareness, and supports the physical and emotional well-being of our children. It also instills a sense of responsibility for the natural world.

BeoKiz Method

The BeoKiz method, standing for child-centered and holistic observation, underlines our commitment to a comprehensive understanding of each child’s individual needs. Through careful observation, we tailor our approach to cater to the diverse learning styles and preferences of every child, ensuring a supportive and inclusive learning environment.

In harmonizing these diverse pedagogical approaches, we create a vibrant educational mosaic at Kindezi, where the strengths of each philosophy converge to nurture well-rounded, confident, and empowered individuals. Our commitment to diversity in educational methods reflects our dedication to providing a dynamic and inclusive learning experience for every child in our care.

Daily Routine

Each morning, we offer a 30-minute morning circle featuring song and music, followed by a group outdoor activity. Regular activities include art & crafts, sports, baking, gardening, and music.

We provide our children with three fresh and healthy meals daily. Sweets are reserved for special occasions like birthdays and holidays, and we strictly avoid products containing pork.

As a multilingual daycare center, we operate in German and English, and hope to be offering native-speaker level support in Kiswahili, Tigrínia, Twi, and Wolof to our children.

We celebrate selected holidays with our children, including:

Hanukkah, Diwali and St. Martin, Winter Solstice and Christmas, Chinese New Years, Carnival, International Women’s Day, Eid (Tobaski/Zuckerfest), Nowrooz – Persian New Years, Holi and Easter, Maypole – Festival, Day of the African Child, Ethiopian New Years & International Children’s Day


Our Children

Our program is aimed at children of African and Afro-diasporic descent and their white or PoC siblings aged 12 months to school age. Our goal is to achieve an 80% Black majority experience for the children.

Our Parents 

Our parents are an important partner for our pedagogical team and occasionally participate in so-called “parents weekends”, during which parents self-organise to improve our interior decoration or other non-pedagogical tasks. Parents also help in organising the celebration of selected holidays.

Two elected parents representatives pass on important information to the parents via email and social media.

Our Educators

The vast majority of our team of qualified educators and pedagoges is of african and afro-diasporic heritage to allow for a fair representation of our children. Additionally, the diversity of cultural backgrounds and languages of our staff is a huge profit for our children. 

The white educators that work with us have comitted to undergo critical whiteness sensibilization training.

Our pricing

Parents pay a contribution of 85 Euro per child each month. With a Berlin Pass a reduction of 23 Euro will be applied.

Should financial considerations pose a challenge for you, we encourage you to reach out to us without hesitation. We are committed to working collaboratively to identify and implement a mutually agreeable solution.



Our location & contact information

Bruno-Bauer-Strasse 22, 12051 Berlin

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