Mama Circle

With this online tool, you can convert any text into a similar-looking but completely fake version of the text. The program replaces some letters, characters, and symbols in the text with visually similar but fake Unicode characters. The most common use case of this tool is creating tests for content filtering and moderation systems. The fake text can often bypass the filters and end up in the database and this tool lets you generate test cases for robust filters. For example, the word “hi” becomes “hі” that looks exactly the same as the original word but its second letter “і” is a fake character “i” that looks identical to the real one. The fake symbols are always indistinguishable from the original ones – they do not differ in shape, size, or style. By default, the program only replaces letters but by activating the “Generate Fake Punctuation” option, the program also replaces common punctuation marks, such as periods, exclamation marks, commas, semicolons, and hyphens with their fake versions. By enabling the “Generate Fake Spaces” option, you can also replace all space characters with fake spaces. The “Add Invisible Spacing” option inserts zero-width spaces between all text characters, further spoofing any text. For example, the phrase “wolves howl at the moon” will become “wоlvеѕ hоwl аt thе mооn” – and here every letter is s


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