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Uniting Black organisations and committed

We are architects of networks and collaborate with numerous Black-, BIPoC- and white ally-led organisations and individuals who share our vision and always welcome new partners to expand our network.

As we foster capacity building of Black organisations, we would love to hear from you, if you would like to collaborate or need help with your own organisation.

White ally organisations or individuals are welcome to reach out, if they have been educated about structural and institutional racism and Critical Whiteness or seek help in doing so.


Kindezi operates a multilingual daycare centre in Berlin that provides inclusive safer spaces for African and Afro-diasporic children and their families within an Afro-centric vision. 

Kindezi’s curriculum was developed by tubman.network`s Amal Abbass and is aimed at covering the Berliner Bildungsprogramm from an afro-centric and global perspective. 


Bantu e.V.

Bantu is a Berlin-based association for global education, justice and cooperation. Their mission is to help provide access to resources for marginalised people inside and outside Germany and to contribute to decolonization work in Germany.

Between 2022 and 2024, Bantu e.V. has provided an organisational structure including legal support to tubman.network. Tubman.network is deeply grateful for the generous support throughout this time and maintains a mutually supportive relationship with Bantu e.V.


Black Dads Germany

Black Dads Germany connect, empower and celebrate Black Dads of Color and organise events for children and adults in various German cities.

Black Dads and tubman.network have a new collaboration in development that will be announced later this year. Stay tuned!



The German-African Initiative for Development and Integration helps new arrivals from Africa, including refugees, asylum seekers, students and others, to settle in Germany.

GAIDI is a project collaborator of tubman.network.


Sources d’Espoir e.V.

Sources d’Espoir offers cultural education programs to promote the participation of people with a history of migration, in particular to support children and young people as well as elderly people in need of help.

tubman.network has partnered with Sources d’Espoir for community events and workshops, in particular involving children and youth. 


TANG e.V. 

The African Network of Germany is a statewide network of African organisations and individuals, which counsels and connects the African community in Germany and represents their interests.

TANG e.V. provides us with our Berlin office space and is a reliable colaboration partner and supporter of tubman.network. 


AfricAvenir International e.V.

AfricAvenir creates spaces for the production and dissemination of knowledge from African and migrant-diasporic perspectives. Raising awareness and changing perspectives in the sense of critical whiteness form the basis of their work.

AfricAvenir and tubman.network have a long-standing and ongoing collaboration and partnership.


Move Global 

“MigrantInnen Orientieren Vernetzen Empowerment” is an umbrella organisation for Berlin migrant organisations, which tubman.network is a part of.


Initiative for Parents of Black Children

Parents of Black Children is a WhatsApp based social media community of approx. 500 parents with Black children. The platform allows for an internal exchange and is dedicated to support Black children in safer spaces within Black contexts free of charge. To join the community, please send a message to +49 172 341638.

Parents of Black Children is an initiative of Amal Abbass in collaboration with tubman.network since 2021. 


Sambila is an Angola based company, providing IT support, consulting and solutions and is owned by tubman.networks system administrator Mario Santiago.


Salone market

Salone Market is a family owned restaurant and afro shop in Berlin-Wedding.

Salone Market has been generously hosting several of our Safer Space workshops at its Berlin location, supplying participants with delicious meals.


Mince e.V.

Mince e.V. is a Berlin-based migrant organisation of cultural workers who develop postcolonial and power-critical projects for young people in Berlin and beyond, in which dance, movement and music are used as central tools of self-empowerment and self-reflection.


Fojanga Academy

Fojanga Academy is an educational institution in Fajara, the Gambia, which teaches a balanced mix between the national and British curriculum that allows students to benefit from both local educational standards and international educational practices. 

The school maintains a lively exchange with its nursery school founder and tubman.network’s co-founder Amal Abbass, mutually exchanging experiences and expertise.




DWI Technology

DWI Tech provides comprehensive software solutions to start-ups, businesses and organisations of all sizes and helps clients develop robust web and cloud-based services. 

DWI Tech founder Daniel Wamara is tubman.network e.V.’s chair on the supervisory board and IT counsellor.





Aly Keïta

Aly Keïta is an award-winning virtuoso of the Balafon. Originally from Adidjan, Ivory Coast, Keïta is now Berlin based and a regular contributor at tubman.network’s commUnity events.


Daylight Vision

Daylight Vision is a video production company with a focus on providing solutions for technology companies. Founder Ola van Dunen is on the supervisory board of tubman.network and supports us with his expertise. 


Give Africa a New Face e.V.

GAaNF is an organisation that aims to promote a paradigm shift in development cooperation between Africa and Germany, combat the causes of flight in a practical way, and shape the integration culture in Germany in a sustainable way. 

GAaNF has been a workshop provider for tubman.network.



Tech Energy for Africa

Empowering Africa – Tech-driven Energy Solutions is a structure that works for the organisation and implementation of voluntary programs in developing countries, through the optimization of cooperation for sustainable development.


Sudanese Community of Berlin Brandenburg e.V.

The community organisation is representing the interests of residents of Berlin and Brandenburg with Sudanese heritage, maintains a community space in Berlin Schöneberg and organises family-friendly events and fundraisers.


Ulibia Beauty Empire

Ulibia Beauty Empire is a high-end beauty and hair salon, located in Wuse II Abuja Nigeria, Kyiv Ukraine, and Berlin Germany. The salon specialises in afro-centric hair styles and curly hair textures. 

Founder and owner Grace Anajemba is our styling partner for our FashionEmpowerment project.


The Promise

The Promise is a Korea based NGO that helps provide better opportunities in underdeveloped countries through education and advocacy for equal opportunities with no prejudice against varying religions, ethnicities, cultures, and political views.

The Promise generously supported tubman.network, in collaboration with the Alliance4Ukraine, between Feb 2022 until Feb 2023 to aid over 2,000 BIPoC refugees in need, providing them with accommodation, essential supplies and social support after their arrival in Berlin.



Oyoun is a non-profit Berlin cultural centre of Kultur NeuDenken gUG and understands itself as an inter- and anti-disciplinary platform for artistic-cultural projects with a decolonial, queer*feminist and migrant perspective.

Oyoun has been providing us with appropriate locations for several intergenerational community events. 


Zaki e.V.

Integration through education – we help new citizens from Afghanistan, the Arabic-speaking cultural area and people from Ukraine to gain access to education and the labour market in Germany.



DaMigra is an umbrella organisation that campaigns for the rights and equality of migrants in Germany.


Robert Bosch Stiftung

The Robert Bosch Stiftung is active in the areas of health, education, and global issues. Through its funding, it works for a just and sustainable future. The Foundation is rooted in the legacy of the entrepreneur and founder Robert Bosch, continuing his commitment to social and societal causes in a contemporary form

tubman.network is grateful for the generous support that the Bosch Stiftung has awarded to us, thanks to which our important project Mama Circle, for example, has been able to come to life. 


Deutsche Stiftung Engagement und Ehrenamt (DSEE)

The German Foundation for Engagement and Volunteering (DSEE) supports volunteers and their organisations with a wide range of services. We provide impetus for volunteering and offer specific assistance for all questions relating to everyday volunteering.


Berlin Mondiale

Berlin Mondiale is a network of artists and cultural practitioners in the context of migration, asylum and exile. Berlin Mondiale organises events and co-creates spaces in different locations across Berlin.

Berlin Mondiale hosted tubman.network at their Dammweg location for a large part of 2022, at a time when approximately 100 new refugees seeking support arrived daily. To this day, our organisations maintain a mutually supportive relationship. We are grateful for the provision of locations and funds that we have received by Berlin Mondiale throughout the years. 


Freie Universität Berlin


Katholische Hochschule für Sozialwesen Berlin


Bubble Language School


Familienzentrum Adalbertstrasse Berlin

The Adalbertstraße Family Center is an intercultural meeting, education and advice centre for families – parents, children, grandparents and professionals near Mariannenplatz in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

The family centre has been host to our Mama Circle group throughout the year 2023.


Familienzentrum Ritterburg Berlin

Family Center Ritterburg offers a wide range of services in the areas of family education, family counselling, family participation and family encounters as well as in the areas of leisure and recreation, which are intended to promote parenting responsibility and relieve the burden on families.

Ritterburg has been hosting selected tubman.network organised child-centred community events. 


Alfred Landecker Foundation

Help for Israelis and Palestinians: The Alfred Landecker Foundation supports Israeli victims of Hamas terror and helps the Palestinian civilian population


Ukraine Alliance

We are an umbrella organisation of the Ukrainian community in Berlin and its supporters, which is supported by numerous Ukrainian organisations.


Kleiner Fratz gGmbH

Kleiner Fratz is a daycare centre provider with 18 daycare centres in 6 districts of Berlin.

Our partner organisation, Kindezi, a Berlin Afro-centric daycare centre, is located at a Kleiner Fratz site. Kleiner Fratz is therefore an important partner for Kindezi, and has significantly supported the lengthy and bureaucratic process of opening Kindezi  daycare centre. 


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