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Our programs support Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour, in particularly those who have fled the war in Ukraine and other war-affected countries. 

Participation is free of charge.

Programs to better meet the needs of our communities

A project funded through Fernsehlotterie

The project supports Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour, who have fled Ukraine and now reside in Berlin. The project is unique in that it is entirely run by BIPoC individuals, who offer culturally sensitive support to those who have and are still arriving in Berlin. The project offers a range of activities to help participants integrate into their new community, including online language courses, daily job application support, and weekly cultural events. EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL creates a sense of community and networking among participants. The project is committed to quality assurance and sustainability, regularly seeking feedback from participants and adjusting programming to better meet the needs of our communities.

Utilising experienced and competent professionals in the fields of psychology, child psychology, child care, yoga, and empowerment work the project aims to empower BIPoC refugees in Berlin, navigating racism, empowerment, and trauma recovery. Tubman.network embraces a process of decolonisation and encourages sustainable development with local and international partners aimed at developing equal partnerships. 


Creating a culturally sensitive safe spaces to foster mental health

Tubman.network has built and continues to build capacity and collaborations to ensure a culturally sensitive safe space for BIPoC in need of psychosocial support, counselling and/or therapy by taking into account people’s heritage and how cultural background, beliefs, and practices influence the healing process. Cultural competence in the therapeutic relationship ensures that those seeking help connect with their helpers, feel accepted and understood, and are handled without biassed judgements. We provide such services on a one-on-one basis, in group sessions, and in secure online spaces.

Addressing psychosocial needs is a vital issue  to support individuals who have been through psychologically distressing situations. Stressful life events are even more stressful for BIPoC persons who, even during life threatening situations, run into racism and discrimination in their quest for the very basic need for safety and freedom. Such discrimination can impact health matters as well. 

The Commonwealth Fund Minority Health Survey found that 43% of Africans, versus 5% of whites, expressed feeling that they were treated badly in the clinical setting because of their background. Similar data can be found in the Afrozensus Report 2020 and the FRA Report “Being Black in the EU” 2023. This shows that there is an urgent need for therapeutic approaches  that are culturally responsive.

Black Engagement Matters was created with support by the Deutsche Stiftung für Engagement und Ehrenamt (German Foundation for Civic Engagement and Volunteering).

This project’s full title is “Transformed: Building Black Resilience (BBR) – Strengthening Engagement in Black Communities in Germany” and its main objective is to foster societal cohesion. Drawing from a needs assessment, we offer training sessions covering various topics such as organisational leadership, legal matters, fundraising, strategic planning, public relations, volunteer management, data protection, creation of safer and braver spaces, empowerment, addressing structural racism, and providing discrimination-sensitive support for accompanying staff. Following the principle of self-help, we will support 10 Black resource persons to enhance Black representation and bolster volunteering in Black communities. This will enable the provision of culturally sensitive consulting services for Black associations in the long term. 

All project activities are led by Black, Indigenous and People of Colour experts to effectively reach the target audience. The project concludes with a final conference coinciding with the end of the UN Decade for People of African Descent (2015-2024), reflecting on the success factors for Black civil society engagement and fostering connections among activists representing 30 Black organisations from across Germany.


Capacity Building is a project in collaboration with Gaidi gUG and Tang e.V. with the support of District Office Berlin-Mitte and Berlin Mondiale

In collaboration with the Working Group for Refugees of the District Office Berlin-Mitte, we address the pressing challenges of housing, employment, integration courses, and daycare services for those in need.

With an estimated 10,000 to 15,000 individuals from Black communities seeking refuge in Berlin, we recognize the urgent need for culturally sensitive support. Our network, comprising over 700 dedicated volunteers, provides crucial assistance to people of African and Afro-diasporic origin, indigenous people, and People of Colour escaping crisis zones.

Partnering with esteemed organisations like TANG e.V. and GAIDI UG, and reaching nearly 1000 people monthly, we leverage expertise from over 900 Black non-governmental organisations in Germany. Together, we offer a comprehensive support system for those navigating complex individual cases amidst limited state and district resources.

Driven by our commitment to excellence, we embarked on a journey of professionalisation and sustainability. Supported by the District Office Berlin-Mitte, we developed a robust strategy culminating in the formal registration of tubman.network in January 2024.

Through strategic seminars, administrative support, and creative collaboration, we enhanced our operational capacity. Key achievements include the recruitment of part-time staff, formulation of a funding strategy, and optimization of organisational processes.

Our efforts extend beyond administrative milestones. We revamped our online presence, thanks to Graphic Designer Nigel Masore and editorials by Mirella Marcella, with a new website featuring improved branding and social media readiness. These enhancements empower us to amplify our impact and reach a broader audience in 2024.

Join us in our mission to provide essential support and advocacy for Black communities fleeing conflict, and together, let’s build a more inclusive and supportive society.



Mama Circle is an initiative in the project Safer Spaces for mothers who have fled from war, which is funded by the Robert Bosch Stiftung.

Mama Circle is a weekly meeting for African and Afro-diasporic mothers and female identifying guardians. Participants have the opportunity to connect to one another,  share knowledge, exchange cultural traditions, learn about womens’ and childrens’ health, discuss possible worries and access support. 

Want to join Mama Circle?

Send an email to [email protected] or message +49 0172 3411638

Sundays from 2 – 5 pm at Bruno Bauer Str. 22, 12051 Berlin

For this project, motherhood is not just defined as those who have given birth to a child, but is also expanded to include all types of motherhood and caregiving, including those who are not yet mothers. Mama Circle is a space without hierarchies. Here, we are all equal and all experiences are valid. 

We all do well to develop and nurture our inner mother that tends to our “inner child”. Through understanding, accepting, letting go and learning, we help each other to create the stable foundation we need in our lives. The Mama Circle group lays the groundwork and serves as a guide for transitioning, unpacking and breaking cycles of dysfunction and offers a way to reframe our realities here in Germany.

We offer childcare throughout the events so that participants have the opportunity to focus on themselves and their issues. Our childcare team is cross-gender and we allow white allies in the space to support the work in the background.

Additionally, we offer educational and psycho-social counselling, empowerment projects and support with everyday tasks (booking and accompanying doctor’s visits, booking and accompanying official visits, among others) on 4 days per week for participating women.


A 2023 project funded by Bezirksamt Berlin-Mitte

Throughout 2023, a group of young people gathered in weekly workshops to explore fashion concepts from Africa and its diaspora at Salone Market, a Sierra Leonean restaurant in Berlin-Wedding. Amidst sharing experiences of racism and strategies to overcome them, they crafted speeches presented to Bezirksamt representative Frau Carolyn Kanja. 

Supported by Sulaymane Mare, our talented tailor with Burkina Faso heritage, they created fashion accessories and designs that reflected the beauty of their African-European identities and experiences. Self-chosen empowerment messages underscored an attitude of self-awareness and self-love.

The project culminated in a FashionEmpowerment show in front of a community gathering of 350 people in support of Sudanese Peace Action Day on December 16, 2023. The show received generous support by Berlin Mondiale and featured several African artists, including those who migrated from Ukraine to Berlin, featuring Afrobeat and live performances by artists like PapaG and Kollinz as well as an after party. Particularly notable was the collaboration with Ulibia Beauty Empire under the leadership of Grace Aanajemba, through which children and young people enjoyed exploring Afrocentric hairstyles, expressing pride in their heritage. 

The project’s primary goal was to empower children and youth through fashion-themed workshops, enabling them to explore and embrace their unique preferences and needs. Our FashionEmpowerment workshops were designed to create safer spaces with a diverse team representing various gender identities and creating inclusive spaces for personal growth among youth. The project was predominantly executed by refugees and individuals with migrant backgrounds from the African continent, ensuring culturally sensitive programming. 

We are proud to have successfully fostered self-empowerment among young participants and their families, facilitating skill development through community arts activities. The project is currently seeking expansion in collaboration with several schools interested in the sustainable artworks of the project.


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