Tang Award

Tang Award: Group F Afro People dressed up standing together for this picture.

tubman.network is deeply honored to have received the Tang Award of Excellence in recognition of our work carried out for the development of Afro-centric curriculum for Kwetu e.V. and Kindezi UG. This award holds special significance as it acknowledges our commitment to serving the needs of children of African and Afro-diasporic heritage. We share this honor with our esteemed colleague, Boaz Murema Muringi from Bantu e.V., whose dedicated support has been instrumental in our collaborative efforts.

Tang e.V. stands as a network comprising over 900 African organizations across Germany, under the adept leadership of Dr. Sylvie Natcha. Dr. Nantcha skillfully orchestrated the 10-year anniversary celebration, which showcased some of the finest African musicians and fashion entrepreneurs Germany has to offer. Being part of such a distinguished event, surrounded by esteemed activists whose work we deeply respect and support, was an unforgettable experience.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to DSEE for their unwavering support in deepening the collaboration between tubman.network e.V. and 30 Black organizations throughout Germany. This support enables us to nurture the growth of key individuals within our collective, thereby enhancing our collective capacity as a whole. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to continue our collaborative efforts in uplifting and empowering our communities.

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